How Merino Wool is perfect for summer and winter!

How Merino Wool is perfect for summer and winter!

Since we tend to use Merino wool blend in many of our designs, It is a must to introduce you to what is Merino Wool and its characteristics. 

Merino wool is grown by the Merino sheep which got the finest and softest fleece. They withstand a very low and high temperature, performing as natural climate regulation system. After they are treated with modern technological methods, they make an outstanding class of fiber. It brings comfortable performance with the perfect style in a luxuries harmony.

Some characteristics of Merino Wool: Odor resistant, quick drying, wrinkle resistance, washable, no itch, durable, UV resistance and nonallergic.

Reference: Wolk.(n.d). 11 Reasons to wear merino wool(in summer AND winter). Online Available at:

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